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Copper Creek
Copper Creek is a 40,000 sq ft club house , built with a 600 seat banquet facility. The drawings were at the preliminary stage when we started the project , and drawings came as we proceeded. It took 10 months to complete the project, even though the banquet facility was made larger as the construction was proceeding.

701 Sheppard
701 Sheppard was a 45,000 sq ft medical centre built on two levels of underground parking. The one thing which made this project difficult was the fact that three sides the building were abutting housing and a post office, all which required shoring. The project took 8 months and, logistically, was one of our more complicated projects.

DST Output
DST Output is a 80,000 sq ft computer centre with 100% finished space. The customer has sensitive equipment and the need for precise location of utilities . The project was a design build project which took us about 5 months to complete. The time schedule was important due to the fact that the company had obtained a large contract which had to be completed. We are now in the process of adding another 60,000 sq ft on a design build basis.

Gamma-Dynacare project is a high tech medical laboratory. The building is a 100,000 sq ft laboratory responsible for blood and disease testing. Like DST, it is a highly sensitive building and the construction had to be precise when locating all equipment and furniture. We are presently building a 30,000 sq ft building for Gamma in Bolton.

CSt Marguerite Church
St Marguerite Church is a beautiful church we completed. The Oculus is 6 stories high and is one of our most successful projects.

Arista Homes
Arista Homes head office is one of the more beautiful corporate head offices in our portfolio. The building has a very unique exterior design as well as beautiful high end finishes in the interior. The building is about 80,000 sq ft .

Oakridge's Professional Building
Oakridge's Professional Building is a 4 storey 60,000 sq ft office building which we designed and built. The building is specialized with unique office uses. It has a surgical suite, radiologist office , and various office space.

Victoria/Thickson Development is a plaza we have recently completed in Whitby. The project is 60,000 sq ft and had to be built in 4 months in order for tenants to complete their leaseholds.

Burlington Court House
Burlington Court House was a different project. The developer had signed an agreement with the province stating that if the project was not completed in 4 months, the province would have had the right to walk from the deal. Perlane completed the project in 3.5 months.

2700 14th avenue
North-Med medical centre
2770 14th ave
King st office centre in waterloo
Levy Creek commercial centre
Brant plains plaza in Burlington
Goodfellow medical centre
Pickering remax centre
Unionville medical centre
Stouffville medical centre
Somerset academy school

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