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Starting as a small, family-owned drywall company in 1988, Perlane is now a full scale construction company with projects spanning across North America. Offering services from project and construction management to design and build solutions.

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Perlane is the trusted developer of many brands who value consistency and quality work. We collaborate with many national and international brands to deliver the space they require for successful operations.


Perlane’s first major projects were commercial builds which continue to be very important to the growth of our portfolio. Recent projects include some of the top ranked golf clubs in Canada, to large multi-unit office buildings.


The details and specifics of medical builds require diligent work and an understanding of these demands. Through experience and partnering with doctors, we can identify and deliver on these exact needs.


A recent addition to the Perlane portfolio, residential builds show the variety of projects and developments Perlane executes. Unique custom builds are both beautiful and one of a kind.

Creativity. Discipline. Integrity. Three core values at Perlane, instilled in each project from start to finish. We aim to bring new ideas to each project, making each experience unique, completed on time and based on agreement. Perlane delivers quality work and builds relationships both old and new.
Silvio DeGasperis
President –Tacc Construction